Fake Nipples
The Ultimate Flirtation Device. Get noticed.

Fake Nipples as seen in Italy's Cosmopolitan Magazine


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Fake Nipples fit all size and shape breasts. Helps us members of the itty bitty titty committee, or those with flat nipples, and inverted nipples get a little attention up front without having to get breast augmentation, nipple piercing, nipple reconstruction, or cosmetic nipple surgery.

Fake nipples are better than nipple rings and hurt a lot less! Gives those with larger breasts a nubile, young, perky look. Gives wearers of breast forms and breast prostheses a natural look. The perfect nipple prothetic or nipple prosthesis. Work well with breast forms and breast prosthetics.

Don't like the location of your nipples? Move'em with fake nipples.

Experience the fun of having the wet t-shirt look without getting cold and wet!
ive the gift of perkiness. Great stocking (and bra!) stuffers. Works better than mistletoe. Faster than speeding bullets, we ship within 24 hours of receiving your order so you can be jingling *your* bells in no time! To get'em even sooner, 2-day Fed Ex shipping is available in the US.

A terrific Bachelorette Party idea. Create memorable Bachelorette Party pictures with the Bachelorette Party Pack Special. Five sets of fake nipples for the price of four!

"... these "accessories" are indispensable and are a blast to wear" - newly perky Liz in Los Angeles

Befitting both a demure profile or more buxom ladies alike, these nipple enhancers work as well with a clingy sweater, or slinky silk blouse as with a knit tank top or t-shirt. Wear them with bathing suits or with athletic-wear at the gym. They can be worn without a bra with clingy garments as they stay in place using slight suction.

Why here are some chicks sporting theirs right here and you'd never know it! I do declare...
How friendly and inviting they look!

The popularity of celebrity nipple slips prove that nipples are hot right now. However, some of us have nipple issues such as flat nipples, inverted nipples and just plain old too-big nipples. Gracious, it's enough to make you pitch a hissy fit. Don't turn to nipple piercing to get those little pencil erasers to stick out. Pain and risk-free, our fake nipples look carefree and natural even on inverted or flat nipples. They work well with breast forms and breast prosthetics too.

Body jewelry specifically, nipples, this is one accessory that goes with every outfit. This body for the non-pierced and the pierced.

Our faux nipples are made of a soft, pliable silicone that works for all breasts sizes and shapes. Buy'em for your girlfriend or wife! When you go out, only you two will know about her secret "accessories" and everyone will be wondering why she suddenly looks so feminine, attractive and, yes, oh-so-naturally perky.Discrete, subtlety sexy, and mood enhancing. Perfect for just going out with the gals, or anytime you want to look sexy for your guy.

Shipped in a black satin pouch they will quickly become essential travel partners.

Start making your point(s) with class and subtlety! Stick out among the masses!

$16.95 per pair of faux nipples shipped anywhere on the planet. All currencies accepted. We ship within 24 hours of r
eceiving your order. Get these now and get noticed!

Disclaimer: Not responsible for acts of fun luv'n that (will!) result from wearing these. Must be 18 years or older to order. Shipped in a discrete package. Gift cards are available. Volume discounts for bachelorette parties or group "outings" (get it?). Money back guarentee- no questions asked.

Spice up your look with Faux Nipples!

Start styling and profiling:
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